About Michael Brown

Michael Brown, author of Finding The Field

Michael was born in the Chatham Islands in 1948.  He’s married, has four children, and lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.

When he’s not writing, he’s a trainer and consultant in media and presentation skills. He was a reporter, director and presenter of news and current affairs programs for Television New Zealand and also worked on secondment to the BBC.

Michael has two other published novels: The Weaver’s Apprentice (Collins) and The Idiot Played Rachmaninov (Hodder and Stoughton). He has also written two travel books: The Weaver and the Abbey (Arthur Barker) and The Taming of the Crew (Random House).

Michael has B.Sc.(Hons) in Physics and a  Diploma in Journalism, both from Canterbury University

About Finding The Field

In a sentence

Finding the Field is about an old man who stumbles on the Ultimate Truth to life, the universe and everything; but there’s only one person he can tell – a young man who is unstable, dangerous and on the run.


Matthew, unstable, dangerous, and on the run, lives in a malevolent universe. Jack, wealthy and powerful, lives the benevolent truths of the ancient masters. Siobhan, beautiful and ageless, guards a secret that will end the lives both men thought they knew.

Matthew was a child prodigy, raised in circumstances that drove him insane. He escapes from a psychiatric hospital, sets out to kill his father, then heads into the mountains, armed and desperate. He stumbles out of a snowstorm onto a high-country alpaca farm,where he encounters Jack, who closely resembles Matthew’s hated father.

Many years earlier, Jack woke from a coma unable to remember anything of his previous life. Instead his void is filled by a strange source of enlightenment, which reveals not only how the universe works, but also how to make it bend to his will. Which he does, with spectacular success. But now, near the end of his life, Jack’s remaining desire is to pass on the priceless knowledge, so he uses his powers to summon an audience.

What he gets is Matthew.

As the ancient wisdom is revealed, Jack is increasingly disturbed by his volatile pupil and turns to the mysterious Siobhan for advice. Who is she? What is she? The eternal truths of existence are played out at every level.

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