Here it is, Finding The Field in audiobook format, as read by Michael Brown. You can enjoy Finding The Field as an audiobook anytime, all you need to do is click on the buy now button below and it will take you to Michael’s Pay Hip page to take payment. Pay Hip will then send you the ebook files. However, if you’re curious about Finding The Field you can enjoy the first three chapters absolutely free as they are presented below. We hope you enjoy the Finding The Field audiobook as much as we enjoyed making it.

Andrew Jack
Website Manager

The Finding the Field audiobook was produced at Tandem Studios, Christchurch New Zealand.
Recording and engineering: Jonny Pipe
Voice for chapter beginnings and endings: Deb Stanaway
Music composed and played by Michael Brown



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Listen to the first three chapters for free!



Prologue and Part I  Chapter One

A desperate, armed young man walks through the mountains. An old man waits out a snowstorm in his high country farm.




Part I  Chapter Two

Flashback: Jack wakes from a coma with a head wound and a priceless gift.




Part I  Chapter Three

Jack gets a visitor out of the snowstorm.





Michael would love to hear your thoughts and comments about Finding the Field. What did you think of the five universal truths? Did any part particularly appeal to you?  Did you disagree with any part? Do post your thoughts on the Comments page on the Finding the Field website. (If you prefer to tell Michael privately, his email address is michael …at… findingthefield …dot… com)

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