The Lotto ticket and the quickening

How to create your own reality directly

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Heard this one…? A man passes the local Lotto shop and sees that the big prize is a million dollars. And he prays, “Please God, let me win Lotto.” He waits for the result but to his surprise, he doesn’t win. The next time he passes the Lotto shop, the big prize is five million dollars. And he prays, “Please God, I beg you to let me win Lotto.” He waits for the result, but to his annoyance, he still doesn’t win. The next time he passes the Lotto shop the big prize has reached ten million dollars. And he prays, “Now look, God. I’m imploring you to let me win Lotto this week. I could really use the money.” And a voice speaks from the heavens, “Well you could meet me half way and buy a ticket.”

I imagine George Washington would have enjoyed the story, because he said this: “Success is not a matter of spontaneous combustion; you have to set yourself alight.” And remember the old saying that God helps those who help themselves?

For years I have been fascinated by all the different methods for achieving goals: prayer, visualization, affirmations, suggestion, hypnosis, meditation, step-by-step goal-setting, witchcraft, and sheer willpower and more. Of course none are always successful and none are always a failure—including prayer (note that Pope Benedict XVI prayed that he would not become the Pope). The real question is this: when those methods work, what do they have in common? In other words, is there a pure method more likely to succeed than any other?

Yes, there is: it’s a feeling-based visualization called the quickening*. But, as you’ll see, there’s still a catch.

First, the core of the quickening. Imagine that God is a giant feeling expressing itself through the continuous creation of all things, which includes you. So you, a piece of God, are in essence a multi-layered bundle of feelings expressing itself through your life. And your bundle includes your conscious and subconscious beliefs—the deeper you go, the more powerfully they create your life around you. And who built those beliefs? You did. Are you getting the picture here? We are not just the art, we’re the Artist, and feelings are our paint brush. We’re creating like this all the time—the point is to learn how to direct it consciously. The quickening method involves deliberate focus on specific passions. For example certainty—can you see the place of faith in this?

The catch, of course, is your willingness to meet God half way. Whatever goal-getting method you use (the quickening, prayer, visualization, casting spells etc), here are some essential points…

Make the decision… to have, to be, or to do what you seek. You may wish to be a millionaire, but when did you make the decision that you would become wealthy? A firm, irrevocable decision gets your deity (creative subconscious) into action immediately.

Get imagining and get passionate. Vague imagining and wishful thoughts won’t do it. A thought is a dried up feeling. Try to work a method with dispassionate thinking and your deity won’t even bother to get out of bed.

Make your actions consistent. Once you have used a goal-getting ‘method’, don’t stop there—make all your subsequent actions, thoughts and feelings consistent with the certain arrival of the goal. Don’t hedge your bets, don’t use the if word.

Finally, a warning about mixed messages. Millions of goals never materialise because of underlying mixed messages. What are yours? You may feel a strong desire for that ten million dollars, but what if your underlying feeling is I’m so frustrated that I never have money. Instead build the picture and the passion money comes easily to me, how wonderful!

*The quickening is described in full in Part III Chapter 6 of Finding the Field (to order the book click here), or you can hear it for free in Part III Chapter 6 of the audio book.


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