Dealing with painful emotions

How to shift your consciousness and take control

Who are you? Who is it that has your body? Is it your mind? Your thoughts and feelings?

But who is it that has your thoughts and feelings? Is it your awareness?

But who is it that is aware…?

The higher you climb those stairs, the more power you have to move on and take charge of your own life. When you can deliberately stand back and watch the movie of your thoughts and feelings, that’s when you can sit in the director’s chair and issue orders, redirecting the spotlights, changing the scene, consciously steering your life away from pain and fear and towards peace and happiness.

But how?

Here’s the method. But first, one important note: even though you can use the method to cope with painful feelings, you must not pretend that those feelings don’t exist. You must not deny them (I don’t feel it), fight them (I’ll beat it), resist them (I’ll stand up to it) or judge them (this is a bad feeling) or judge yourself (I’m an inferior person for feeling it). If you do any of that, your energy will feed the feelings you want to lose! Instead, this method helps you fold them safely into your repertoire of life experience.

Here it is then. Let’s suppose, for example, that your painful feeling is hurt. Wounded hurt.  Let’s also suppose that the hurt is pushing you to act out in an uncontrolled way, damaging your relationships and your life.

First, Allow. Allow yourself to feel the hurt. Accept its existence. Say to yourself, “This part of me feels hurt.” Even in this first stage, you will notice a difference, because most suffering comes not from pain, but from resistance to pain. Resistance comes from fear, and fear is what makes pain hurt.

Second, Observe. Close your eyes. Strongly, vividly, imagine that you get up and stride a few paces away from your hurt self then turn to look back at it as if it were playing on a screen. Say to yourself, “That part of me feels hurt”. Notice the change from “this” to “that”.

Third, Release. Release the hurt-ridden self to dissipate in its own time. Don’t push it away; it’s not a rejection, just a letting go. Say to yourself, “That too will pass.”

Allow, observe, release. Now you have freed your mind to control your next thought or action, consciously viewing and directing the next scene in the movie of you. It’s very simple, and with practise you’ll do all three steps in a few seconds. But it will take practise, because you’ll be doing it to override painful feelings which will exert their own force on you. Perservere, because the rewards are wonderful.

For more, read Finding the Field. Look in it for viewing the movie of you, and for the Quickening. Or go to the first universal truth.

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