The universe always grants your greatest passions

The difference between your underlying beliefs and your conscious desires

Last week, I said that passion is the magic ingredient in the power to have, do, or be what you want. Now I’m going to add something else that, at first sight, may seem like nonsense.

The universe always grants your greatest passions.

Looks easy to dismiss, doesn’t it? Let’s pick an example. You might say, “But I have passionately wanted a new car for the last two years. Why isn’t it here already? I believe in abundance, I’ve done the visualization, I’ve chanted affirmations to the point of needing throat surgery—and still no car!”

But where, exactly, is your passion focused? Where are you investing that potently creative energy? Is it really in what you want, or is it in what you don’t want? It’s very easy and all too human to confuse these opposites. If, for example, your current ride is a battered heap of rust with rodents nesting in the upholstery, your greatest passion may not be desire to own a new car, but despair that you don’t! Imagine the creative centre of your being looking from one passion to the other: desire or despair, which is the greater? If despair triumphs, then your universe must grant you the lack of a new car, and you already have plenty of that.

I have met many people who realize intellectually the power of belief in abundance, even while their underlying passion empowers scarcity. So no matter what rituals they follow, they can’t override passions that bring them pain.

It comes down to this: how do you take control of your own passions? How do you make sure that your greatest passions align with what you consciously desire? How do you take charge of your life and direct your own movie? For that, go to the First Universal Truth, or read about the Quickening in Finding the Field.


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