Who are you? I mean really!

Why you are taking part in a game of chess

The most important question in our lives is Who am I? Each of us, in our own way, is directed by our desire for the answer.  And believe it or not we can get one immediately – if we take a sidelong glance at Genesis. Follow me to the beginning of time…

In the beginning, there was no universe, nor any material thing.  There was no gravity, no space or time, no contrast and no opposites: which means no up and down, no here and there, no before and after, no hot and cold, light and dark, or black and white. There was only a deep desire. And the deep desire was the Great Spirit. And the desire was the Question, What Am I?

Now, imagine that the Great Spirit decides to experience the answer through a game of chess.  Out of Itself  It creates a  chessboard, with pieces drawn up ready to play.

Who to play with? No problem. The Great Spirit plonks another chunk of Itself on one side of the board and calls it Mind. Then, in order to make the game real, the Great Spirit gives Mind a gift. It’s the gift of contrast and opposites (black and white), space (forward and back), time (this move then that move), and gravity (so that the pieces don’t float away). And it makes the first move (pawn to king 4).

But the game still cannot begin because Mind still knows it is actually the Great Spirit. It knows every move and counter-move in advance. So the Great Spirit gives Mind another gift.

It’s the gift of forgetting. Mind forgets that it is the Great Spirit. It now experiences itself as alone, made of flesh, and contained by a shape with head, arms and legs. Finally, the game can begin. And in its deep desire to remember who it really is, Mind plays an excitingly creative game of chess, a  game that will evolve forever.

So, do you see it?   We are the cutting edge of the Creation. Our question, Who am I? is the Great Spirit exploring the Question, What Am I? In other words, our question is the answer. Our journey is the destination. And our challenge is to choose to love our life now, even as we strive with passion and creativity to improve it.

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