Passion: the cutting tool of consciousness

Creation. Master it or be at its mercy

Passion is the cutting tool of Consciousness, the leading edge of the creation that never ends. It is also the magic ingredient in all successful recipes for achieving the power to have, do, or be what you want.

As well as writing about the nature of reality, I teach presentation skills. The trainees most difficult to help are those so fearful of the bad opinion of others that they have shrunk their passion (and their presence) to the bare minimum to get by undetected. Some tell me directly that they don’t feel strongly about anything. In that state, it’s nearly impossible for them to move an audience.

In life, the passionless are powerless. Until we grow our passion, we cannot move our world; we must wait for the world to move us, and hope for the best.

Here’s the opposite. I remember an Indian trainee (I’ll call him Rajit), who had plenty of internal passion. At first, it was stifled by his fear that, “They will see I have wrong words and very bad grammar.”  But on the second day of training, Rajit got the point and was suddenly, delightfully, an excellent presenter. When we stopped applauding, we asked how he had done it, and he said (with passion), “Now I am understanding. When I am speaking with passion, no one is caring I have wrong words and very bad grammar!”  So we applauded him again.

The passionate are powerful. When we grow our passion, we move our world.

Picture a children’s story wizard casting a spell. He thrusts his staff to the skies, and cries out—in the midst of thunder and lightning and wind and rain—his command that the powers of darkness bring down a plague of locusts upon the king’s enemies. That vivid image is no accident. It has not built in our collective consciousness by chance. It represents our intuitive knowledge that personal power requires intense, focused passion. Even in Harry Potter, the power is more inherent in the person than in the ritual.

Consciousness is a giant passion and we are different faces of that passion. Descartes said, “I think therefore I am”, when he should have said, I feel therefore I am. Those who know this, also know that extraordinary power is inherent within us. Apply within. Then harness the passion and become a conscious creator, able to have, do, or be what you will.

How to grow your passion? Read about the Quickening in Finding the Field: an adventure of body, mind, and spirit.

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